SFL Companies is celebrating their 10th anniversary of being in business. Since its inception in 2011, the company has been providing supply chain management and logistics services to shippers and carriers. SFL has expanded far beyond their origins of a freight brokerage firm, to become a full-service supply chain management firm. SFL Companies began as a home-office startup and has grown into a nationwide, recognizable brand through their innovation and unmatched service platform.

Now in its tenth year, SFL continues to evolve its service capabilities within an ever-changing supply chain world. SFL’s method of combining innovative technology with a real person hands on approach has set them apart from their competition. SFL has been successful at evolving to position itself in the most competitive way possible for many years to come. 10 years of business is a testament to SFL’s commitment to providing superior supply chain management services through loyal partnerships and innovative technology.

“As SFL celebrates ten years of existence, we continue to commit to providing innovative supply chain cost savings through new thought metrics, introducing cutting edge technologies, and continuing to provide best in class brokerage services. I would like to thank all our employees, carrier partners, and customer partners who made the last ten years possible. I look forward to our growing relationships over the next ten years and more.” Royce Neubauer, SFL Companies Founder / CEO.