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About Us

SFL Companies is a full-service supply chain management and logistics firm focused on technology-driven freight management. Our transportation management software platform has revolutionized the way freight is managed by providing real-time visibility.

SFL Companies partners with shippers, growers, farmers, and manufacturers as an extension of their transportation and supply chain management team to provide individualized service and unmatched industry standards. Although SFL Companies specializes in shipping fresh produce and refrigerated goods, our diverse portfolio is comprised of many facets, from dry food goods, paper products, automotive parts, and packing and building materials.

Company History


With 9 years in logistics, Royce Neubauer (President and CEO of SFL) started Service First Logistics as a freight brokerage firm. His goal was to create a company where its employees were excited to come to work every day. SFL was founded in Royce’s home in Northern Kentucky and eventually moved into an office in Covington, Kentucky. By the end of the first year, SFL had three employees and was off and running!
SFL 2011


With two years under their belt, SFL had grown and moved the headquarters to Rochester, Michigan. By the end of the year SFL had 2 functioning offices, one in northern Kentucky and the other in Michigan.


SFL eventually outgrew the Kentucky location and moved across the Ohio River to the West End of Downtown Cincinnati.


With more growth and expansion, SFL moved the company headquarters from Rochester to Auburn Hills, Michigan. This office is run by our CEO and President, Royce Neubauer, CFO Kevin Patch, and Director of Human Resources, Julie Jones.

2016 – 2018

SFL saw a need for change in the supply chain and freight brokerage world. SFL’s leadership felt the industry needed to be more transparent and more efficient. With driver shortages increasing, tonnage growing, and supply chain & shipping costs rising; SFL searched for a new way to drive costs and touches out of the supply chain that did not include beating up the carrier. The old way of doing things was not going to cut it in the new supply chain & freight brokerage world. So, from 2016 – 2018 SFL underwent a comprehensive rebranding effort that included restructuring our service offerings and a name change. Service First Logistics grew to become SFL Companies. With advanced technology investments, and more innovations on the way, the company has grown beyond the origins of a freight brokerage firm, to a full-service supply chain management firm. The new name and logo represents the company’s growth, innovation, and ambition to improve. In its short history, SFL has grown to become a major player in the logistics industry and is only getting started!


Having spent four years in their Auburn Hills headquarters, SFL decided to go back to their roots, and make Downtown Rochester, Michigan their permanent headquarters. The move took place mid-July 2019. SFL’s new and larger work space allows flexibility to grow and provides an outstanding work environment for their team, while accommodating continued business growth.

SFL Building


SFL saw a need for an expanded reach in the supply chain and freight brokerage world by shipping vehicles. With a new team of over 30 years of combined experience, SFL created an innovative model to prioritize both the shipper and carrier.


With a reinvigorated focus on innovation and collaboration, SFL embraced a dynamic shift in core values, fostering an environment where our core values adhere to who we are and who we aspire to be. Our team came together to develop the acronym P.A.S.S.I.O.N. to represent these values: perseverance, alliance, service, strategy, integrity, ownership, and nimble.